Video School

All the help you will need to create a great-looking video. Look at the FAQs section too.

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Your video takes the viewer on a journey from A to B

Look at your video as a piece of marketing communication. It should have a clear objective: you should know what you want people to do. You are essentially trying to take people from where they are to where you want them to be. Like with a lot of marketing, being clear, specific and methodical pays huge dividends. Define what you want people to believe and buy into as a result of watching your video.


Define your target viewer and audience

Who do you want to see your video? It is probably your business’s target market, or may be a new audience or a subset of your target market if you are pitching a service aimed at a niche. If you can be pretty clear on who you are targeting, the message can be tailored around them.



Home in on your target market’s needs, goals, fears etc and how you help with these

Once you are clear who you are aiming at, you can focus on their needs, goals, fears, aspirations – and how your product or service adds value to these. For example, if you make and sell a supplement that helps busy professionals maintain healthy attractive skin, you might be well-advised to refer to ‘show up looking like you’ve been to a spa’ or ‘fight and cleanse the city out of your skin’.



Delivering the benefits of working with you or buying from you should be the bulk of your video in terms of time and content. ‘We have been practising for 20 years’ etc is not a benefit. ‘We can minimise your tax bill while ensuring you comply with the law’ is a benefit. Through your video, you should aim to convey how you will add value and assuring the viewer you will deliver.


Short, snappy and punchy

Attention spans are ever shorter. You need to engage people from the start and hold their interest. Less is more with promotional videos.


Content and language: positive, upbeat and emotive

Be punchy. Get to the point and convey a point with each sentence.


Develop your Storyboard

A storyboard is a sequenced plan of your video. Create a simple form or spreadsheet with 3 columns:

  1. A number for each scene
  2. The point or objective of the scene
  3. The content of the scene

This will give you what you need to create your video with us. A more complex and costly video, involving filming and animation, would need a more detailed storyboard. However we are about making your life easier and saving you money!