Charities - make £25 for every customer you refer

We love Charities! Generate £25 from every sale you refer. You share, we do all the work and pay you.

How? We will provide you a unique link and a video which you can share via your social media and other channels.

Easy Process

  1. Complete and submit an application
  2. When approved you will receive your marketing kit, including your unique partner link, a shareable video and ad copy
  3. Share on your social channels and ask supporters to share
  4. We can track and will pay you for each video ordered through your charity

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it going to work for me?

You can earn you hundreds of pounds per month just for sharing our site with businesses keen to get a great video at a great price

Which sectors is it best suited for?

Your clients are likely to be interested if you are:

  • web design
  • accountancy
  • business formation
  • graphic design
  • solicitors

Reach Out

If you want to discuss our charity partner programme get in touch

79 College Road, Harrow, HA1 1BD, UK

+20 3637 0497


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